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White City Van

This is a wonderful work van that will be a great addition to any city. This white van has a place to store goods and other items that will be needed in a functional LEGO City. The LEGO white van is eight studs wide and can hold two LEGO minifigures as well as their work tools. Some items that can be stored in the cargo area include LEGO bricks, minifigure accessories, tools, trees, and some small LEGO builds such as the LEGO lawnmower from the LEGO city park set. This van was built for the purpose of transporting equipment that will be needed for minifigures to do their job with. Since this is a white van it can have different business’s logos and names on the exterior where they can be displayed for all the minifigures to look at in your city. This van also has a special feature which is that the door in the back, which leads to the cargo area, can be opened revealing the space where the minifigure's items can go.

This van is eighteen studs long and the cargo area is 6 studs long. The cabin where the minifigures can sit is decorated with a lavish red interior and includes a steering wheel and a large, four studs wide touch screen display and a centre console. The height of this van from the start of the body up to the roof is four bricks and two plates. Coming to the back of the van, there is a small rear spoiler that actually has a purpose and that purpose is to limit how high the back door can open so that it will be easy to position the minifigure so that it looks like the minifigure is holding open the door. Hence, the fact that the van is supposed to be white the main color is white however there are some parts of the van that are different colors such as the grey cargo bed floor and the red cabin, but there are some other colors that are hidden in the van such as the beige one by one clips on the bottom of the van which are supposed to resemble some tiny part of the engine next to the wheels.

So one may ask, “why would this make a great product?” This van will be a great product due to its sole purpose in existing, being able to transport items and services needed and required for the city. An example of this is that since this van can fit small builds and minifigure accessories, it could hold a lawnmower and a wheelbarrow piece that could be transported to a place in a LEGO City where the grass needs to be mowed. Another great reason this would make a great LEGO set is because this van has the potential to be a one-off kind type of LEGO set. Why? Because LEGO has never made a set where the set has included a van that is used to transport equipment needed by the city, so this could be the first time doing so. This van could be in the creator line of products since it would not really be a good size for the LEGO City vehicles due to the fact that the van is eight studs in widget and may be too big for the LEGO road plates system. The price of this potential set could be around $20 seeing that it is roughly the same scale as the LEGO speed champion’s cars. In conclusion, this is a LEGO white van set that is minifigure scale, can seat two minifigures, has a six stud long cargo space, is in the color white, can hold small builds and minifigure accessories, and has an opening rear door that grants access to the cargo area.

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