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Disney Elsa's Frozen Castle


Lego didn't approve the other Frozen Castle that reached 10,000??

Wow.. surprisingly Lego didn't approve the other Frozen Castle that reached 10,000. What's Wrong with them?? They surely think the one they already had are better then this UCS version.

This is very disappointing to all of us support the UCS Frozen Castle.

Sadly. This one will also not reaching the milestone as well.
For those we love this project. Go search around. You might be surprise seeing this somewhere online for sale. After this campaign ends  =P 


This is the size compare to the PetShop

Here is the photo 


Thanks for all the supports!

thank you for all the supports! unfortunely we can't reach the goal. But I'm happy to see the other frozen castle project does. Let's hope Lego will allow his UCS castle pass it. So we all can get a better version than the existing one. In the mean time, please have all your friends to give another push on this project. I would like to see it pass 1000.   Please stay tune on my next Lego ideas project. I'll be posting it in the next few day. Thanks





New design of the stairs

New staircase and bed

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