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Radio-Tv Tower


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Introducing the Radio-TV Tower, a minifigure-scale broadcasting tower with music recording studio! Add a piece of skyline to your LEGO city and take your modular line-up to new heights!
Many of the world’s iconic skylines feature a radio-TV tower, and that’s no coincidence! Aside from providing radio, television, and telecommunication to a large area, these towers stand out from their surroundings thanks to their unusual geometry and incredible height. Like several of its real-world counterparts, the design of the Radio-TV Tower is dominated by trigonal and cylindrical shapes. The supporting structure - with the elevator on the outside, is shaped like a tripod, while the broadcast station studio is cylindrical. A detailed antenna completes the tower. The lower part of the antenna is hexagonal and consists of six signal transmitters which face in all directions, the trigonal middle part features smaller antennas and some warning lights, and the upper part is a distinct red-and-white shaft, topped off with a decorative metallic sphere.

On the interior of the tower there’s a little entrance hall and a radio studio, which has a lounge area for receiving guests, record player, television camera, microphone, and soundboard for the radio DJ. Also, there’s a small fridge, and - perhaps most important of all - a coffee machine! After all, how else could you get started at 5:00 AM for the first radio programme of the day? 😉
At ground level there’s a music recording studio, from which music can be broadcasted live via the satellite dish on the roof, and a bit of urban greenery with a bench.
At 85 cm (33.5 inches) tall including antenna, this radio-TV tower is taller than any officially released modular building to-date! The interior can be accessed and displayed easily, thanks to removable roofs and window segments. The set comes with five minifigures to represent radio DJs, aspiring musical talents, guests, or civilians; it’s up to you!
The model consists of 1687 parts.  

Why did I build this?
I built this because I like towers, unusual architecture, and music. I think this would make for a unique LEGO set because of its striking and challenging design, its imposing height, and its function in a LEGO city. Overall, I think it’s a fun model to build, play with, and to have on display. 
I hope you like it as much as I do! Thanks for your support, and stay tuned for updates!

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