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Porco Rosso and His Seaplane

In all the cartoons I have seen to date, Studio Ghibli films always have a little something extra. Porco Rosso is one of them, well for me anyway. So I tried to reproduce this universe with my favorite bricks.
I suggest our Pig's landmark in its Adriatic island with its magnificent red seaplane.
"Under his parasol, Porco takes a nap while waiting for a phone call for a rescue mission. As soon as a call is received, and after negotiation, he jumps into his superb device, to the assault of the hijackers. . All with class and panache, even if he's a pig. "
I hope you like my work and that it will reach 10,000 votes.
Forgive me if my English is not perfect. I'm better at legos than languages ...

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