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Technic 2-stage Tractor


Grow the greatest crops with the 2-stage tractor!

2-stage tractor? Well, you've probably never heard of that... let me tell you all about it. A 2-stage tractor has 2 steering stages, front wheels and articulated, to create 4 steering modes. This model features these 4 steering stages, operated by a gearbox in the front of the tractor. This creates many maneuverability options (all 4 steering modes are shown in the 2nd picture). The 4 steering modes are:

-Front wheels only

-Articulation only

-Small radius 

-Dog Walk or parallel steering

Additionally, the tractor features a PTO system powered by an M motor, which powers the lawn mower attachment which has 2 functions: raising blades and spinning blades.

The model is also very detailed, featuring a seat in the cab, lots of lights, and a streamlined, refined bodywork. In the end, this model is the perfect combination of mechanical complexity and aesthetics!

Please support if you enjoy. Much appreciated. 

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