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Winter Village Square

Hi everyone, this is my winter village square. It's made of three different sections: the clock tower, the founder's monument and the inn.
The clock tower, on the right, has three big quadrants that sign the time and you can get access to the inner mechanism using the wooden staircase on the inside. On the top, there's a terrace from which you can enjoy the view of the village.
The founder's monument, in the middle, has a basement and a statue on the top. The basement is carved with an inscription that reads "Winter Village Est. 2009", about the first Expert set of the line. The statue represents the founder, dressed for the winter season, a penguin, a tree and some rocks, all covered in snow.
The inn, on the left, has the facade decorated with mistletoe and lights. The first floor has the innkeeper's desk, a table with some chairs and a fireplace with burning logs. On the second floor, there's space for two identical bedrooms with a bed, a bedside table and a candle.
It's made of 1119 bricks and comes with 6 mini-figures:
-the innkeeper
-a tourist with a professional camera
-a guy
-two children playing snowballs
-the lamplighter.
Hope you like it:)

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