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A Night At The Concert


A night at the concert

Come and have fun at the night concert! Listen to the music, sing songs with your friends, take a few steps in the square near the singers screaming in their microphone. After, go for a drink in the cafe next door to rest, plunge your head into the fountain to cool or go to the city to have fun all night!


-This set includes stairs to the track
-includes a detailed fountain with jets of water
-includes a coffee. Inside, there are tables, chairs, a coffee machine, a counter and a green wall. Outside, there are 2 tables, 3 seats and 3 lamps. The roof is detachable
-includes an apple tree, a small tree and a large tree
-the square includes 9 tiles of different colors: 3 red, 3 blue and 3 green
-incorporates 6 manholes, 1 floor lamp and 1 hydrant
-the stage building includes 1 large mobile lighting, 2 baffles, 1 Lego flag, 1 battery, 2 stairs, 1 detailed stage with 6 floor lamps, 1 rear door and 3 computers. The roof is detachable
-includes 2 side fasteners
- includes 12 characters: 7 civilians, 1 guitarist, 1 singer, 1 drummer, 1 waitress and 1 specialist

Why ?

This set allows you to have fun easily, to imagine an extraordinary universe. It is designed to interest both young and old. The concept is simple, effective and original. It offers more vegetation and more colors for this world too gray! In addition, it can be attached to Lego Expert sets.

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