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Grow a Garden of Bricks

I wondered if bricks could grow. I wondered what that would look like. I was inspired by the Advent calendar gift box to create this. You “grow” a brick plant each day by opening up a section of the box. Each day new parts can be added. I thought this would be a fun activity that allowed kids to be creative by rebuilding what the plant is over a period of days.

This would be available seasonally, like the Advent calendar set, only this is for spring and summer. It would be different every year, and modeled after a real plant or flower with some included factoids about the subject. My building skills are not the greatest, but if you imagine sunflowers, a cactus, maybe even a Venus fly trap, you can get the idea. The more exotic the better. There could even be a small insect critter or two. One could be harmful, the other could be helpful.

Each day a new door is opened on the box revealing new plant parts and an imagination inspiring factoid. Your creation grows as you add parts. This is meant to be along the lines of the creator sets, but more peaceful and artistic. Plants surround us, building one, and exploring its unique structure gives kids a new perspective about their world. Your plant grows with the knowledge learned about it.

Its something different and fun, rather than the same old bang bang razzmatazz.

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