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Full-Size Computer Commodore 64

Legendary Commodore 64 (C64 for short) was an 8-bit home computer released by Commodore Business Machines. C64 was presented in January 1982 and sold from 1982 to 1994 in many shapes and models:

Original C64 shape presented in this set
- Portable version “SX-64”, C64 with C128 shape “C64C”, C64 Game System “C64GS”, Commodore MAX
- And an extraordinary prototype Commodore 65 also called “C64-DX” not released

C64 was derivated from VIC-20 with Commodore BASIC V2 but enhanced in all ways: 6510 CPU with 64 KB RAM and 20 KB ROM, famous SID CPU 6581/8580 for sound on 3channels, VIC-II CPU for video (320x200 pixels with 16 colors) and its famous 8 hardware “sprites” (2D bitmap)

This computer was an incredible success with 15-25 million units sold (first computer sold at this rate). Thousands of games were developed for this computer in cartridges, floppy or datasette supports.
Now let’s talk about my LEGO C64 :

Scale 1/1 like original design size with its measures in studs: 52 x 28 x 9
- LEGO keyboards (66 independent keys really working by beam or half/beam flexion)
Full original body LEGO design in sand with red led on right top
All ports are represented with many details: 2xATARI-style joystick, POWER, ROM cartridge, 2 video OUTPUT, RGBI video output, serial 488 bus, Tape, User
Motherboard includes all original chips and chipsets at the same place as the original: Video, Expansion port, 6510 CPU, RAMs, system ROMs, Serial Bus, RS-232C user port, power supply ….
- In order to increase nostalgy 2 Commodore Joystick 1311 are designed and included in the set
Number of parts: 2382 + 2x120 for Commodore Joysticks 1311

- Project designed with Lego Digital Designer, Mecabricks and Pixlr

I hope you will appreciate this project, thank you for advance for your votes. All your comments would be welcomed and please also share it with everyone whom has nostalgy of C64/C128 and CBM products.

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