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This Is Fine

"This is fine"
You gotta keep calm and stay positive in face of adversity

So many memes has faded but this one just seem to get better over time.

I made this lego model a few years ago, based on my favorite meme, based on KC Green's comics.
Many people have told me they want one too, so I decided to make it a full set and try it here on LEGO IDEAS.
If you want this one, you can vote for it by hitting the "support" button.
(If this is your first time here, it takes 2 min to set up an acc. but it is completely free to vote)

Model size: 20*10*12.2 cm. (Long edge about the length of a banana)

Are there other memes you want to see me build with Lego? Please tell me in the comments.
If you are interested in my other stuff, you can see them here: My profile
Cheers, have a good day.

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