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Seaside Boating Pool


This model boating pool is inspired by the North Shore Boating Pool in Blackpool in the UK. This pool was built out into the sea and provided outdoor entertainment options in the evening or when the tide was fully up to the shore line. There were actually two adjacent pools, one for motorboats and one for canoes and this is captured in this model.

Features of this model include:

  • 2 Pools – 1 for canoes, 1 for motorboats
  • Fairground type ride – spinning teacups
  • Paddling Pool
  • Detailed promenade with Ice cream vendor, seagulls feeding on a dropped croissant, skateboarders, minifig pushing a pram
  • Raised flower beds, lights and benches along the promenade
  • Two options for entry to the pool area, either steps from the promenade or via a tunnel
  • Sea wall to keep out the sea at high tide

All boats and minifigs in this model can be played with and there is a lot of room to add further minifigs or features if you want to so that this model can be made to fit with other seaside features.

Blackpool Boating Pool Details

The original boating pool sits at the bottom of a seashore cliff and is reached by either a zig-zag path down the cliff or via an elevator built into the cliff face and which could stop at either the promenade level or go down to the bottom for people to go directly through the tunnel to the boating pool. There are many photographs of the pool as it was originally built such as at

The pool has now been converted to a go cart track but I have great memories of it as the boating pool.

The Lift – For myself I will be designing a version of the lift for the boating pool but it will probably use quite a lot of bricks and as it has a cliff it would probably not fit well with other models so I do not propose to submit it to Lego Ideas unless I get a lot of comments asking for it.

Dimensions – 1408 Bricks, 2 off 48x48 base plus others, total spot size approx 112x72 including sea area if used. The model includes 29 minifigs and four seagulls.

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