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Square Yellow School Bus


Hi this is my new idea called Square Yellow School Bus. This idea has a total of 600 bricks and peices. 

I first started building and designing the body of the Square Yellow School Bus and I used black bricks for the underneath. Here is the descriptsions that come with this idea. Inside the Square Yellow Bus you have two rows of student's seats on either side of the isle. A Square Yellow School Bus driver's seat, a driver's gear shift stick, door opener door closes, a radio, driver's steering wheel, a spedometer with turn signals. On the outside front you have a yellow enterance door frame with black door that opens and closes,  a clear glass drivers window, two orange warning lights, 2 red warning lights, a  Square Yellow School Bus Sign on the bus, a cow catcher bar that opens and closes,  2 clear head lights, 2 orange turn signals, a white plate with number on it,a gray horn, two black mirrors and two black mirror holders,  antena to talk to the school and back to the bus, a driver's side window. 

In the middle on the left hand side you have windows on either side of the Square Yellow School Bus, two yellow stop sign holers with two red lights on them, 2 yellow clamps, 2 white stop signs attached to the yellow clamps that opens and close, a yellow door frame and yellow side exit door that opens and closes. 

On the outside back of the Square Yellow School bus you have two more clear windows, a yellow door frame with yellow exit door that opens and closes. 2 more orange turning lights, 2 more red lights for brake lights, 2 white back up lights, 2 black buttons for back up camera, on top on the back a blinking light holder, a white blinking light and a security camera in black.

I had fun building and designing this idea especially the body of the Square Yellow School Bus. The reason I built this is because Lego and Lego Ideas don't have any School Busses for people to vote on or for Lego to make in their sets. This is a big gap! This idea is acceptable for everyone and will be hours of fun. I did not add a school, a school bus stop or a  Square Yellow School Bus driver yet and that might be coming later so be sure to check up. If you like my idea please feel free to share, and vote on it so it can be made into a product! Please remember to tell your family and friends that you voted on  Square Yellow School Bus and Thanks! Have a Great Day! 

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