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Lord of the Rings Architecture

As a fan of Lego's Architecture series and as a fan Lord of the Rings, I decided to try and create a series of famous Lord of the Rings locations as miniaturized models. The ones I've created so far include The Golden Hall in Edoras, Orthanc Tower in Isengard, the White City of Minas Tirith, the tower of Barad Dur, and Helm's Deep. You can see them all and more on my new Flickr account, which is where completed projects will be uploaded from now on:

Designing key locations from Lord of the Rings brought the thought to me about how cool it would be if the Architecture series started doing places from other Licensed themes like making a set of the Daily Planet building from Lego DC Superheroes or a small scale Hogwarts from Harry Potter or even the Jedi Temple from Star Wars. Its an area of Lego sets that I would love to see done, and I believe Lord of the Rings would be a good starting point to make this happen.

I've managed completed a miniature Bag End and the Black Gate, and I'm currently working on Minas Morgul and the Argonath. I'm also waiting to see what new locations the Hobbit trilogy will present.

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