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Corvette Evolution


This Corvette is scaled to Lego mini figures. It has 150 pieces (a few more for the multiple options see below). Obviously it is difficult to get all the angles perfect, but I think it captures all the main lines. This set would be a 3-in-1 model where you could build one of 3 corvettes and the majority of the pieces would be shared. I make my models to have a lot of detail for this scale, without compromising structural integrity.


It also has the following options:

  • Build any of three corvettes 1957/1967/1969
  • Racing stripes can be split or a single
  • Spin around the front pieces for a look at the flip-up lights
  • The car comes with a secondary windscreen for an awesome convertible
  • Luxurious interior with custom dashboard, seat and a real steering wheel
  • Remove the side exhaust pipes for a cleaner stock look
  • The top can be solid, convertible, or T-top

Let me know in the comments which are your favorite colors and styles, because all three models would have to be the same color.

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Expect an update with photos of the build.


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