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Ski Jump


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The concept is an actual Ski Jump. The best thing is, that this is a playable set. The LEGO figure actually slides down the in-run (in ski jumping, the ramp down which ski jumpers ski to gain speed before taking off), jumps off and lands on the landing hill. 

The Ski Jump is composed of several main parts: 

  • The tower
  • Elevator
  • Take-off ramp
  • Landing slope

 All main parts can be detached, and the whole thing can be moved in one piece also.

And how it works? You put the LEGO figure at the top of the ramp. Hold it with your finger until it fits perfectly and let it go! It will slide down the in-run and because of the speed "jump off" from the stepping ramp onto the landing hill. The distance depends on the pose of a figure, or how good and strait the skis are attached.

It is fun and can be a real competition! On the top of the tower is a waiting cabin. It is accessible from the back as you can see on one of the pictures. The elevator is also movable and can be removed.

So, why not to enjoy in winter sports with LEGO ski jumps, especially if you are a fan of this Nordic sport. The set is really enjoyable and can be also updated with jury tower or tribune. 

Thank you for viewing my project and your support.

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