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Food Exit


We all feel hungry while travelling for a long time on a highway. From here, I got my idea, Food Exit. It is a group of restaurants in an open area at the exit between two cities. My build consists of four different restaurants distributed among a two level area. The area includes a side road to drive through the red car included, and reach the restaurants. I designed my restaurants in the form of different means of transportation to represent travelling. My models are not necessarily an exact representation of a transportation vehicle, but they are meant to be colorful and attractive. I prefer to build my ideas using physical LEGO bricks instead of a software program. I used mainly classic bricks and parts from the pick a brick wall. However, I took some accessories and minifigure pieces from LEGO sets in my collection.  I chose the logo for each restaurant to be a sample model of the food that it serves. Just park your car and walk through.

In the first level, you can find the sea food ship, the ice-cream train, and the café van. If you go up the stairs, you will find a big pizza plane. You can take your food away, and enjoy eating it through your long journey in the car. Otherwise, remember to enjoy the view of the trees and flowers around you as you sit and relax in the front of those restaurants to eat your meal.

The ship offers a variety of grilled sea food such as, fish, crabs, and lobsters. It contains a grill and two boxes to store fresh sea food. The train provides different flavors of ice-cream like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and more. You can choose between a biscuit cone, stick, and a ball. The train has a freezer and two tables to prepare the ice-cream. The van serves coffee and some baked pastries such as, croissants, pretzels, and pies. The van has a coffee machine and two tables to display the food. Finally, the pizza plane offers not only pizza, but also sausage, chicken, French fries, salads, and soft drinks. The plane's cockpit is an oven to bake the pizza. It also has a cooker, and three small tables to prepare orders. The whole set includes a selection of 12 minifigures, a bird, a cat, and many other accessories in addition to all food items.

If you like this idea, be sure to support it. If you really want this set to achieve 10k supporters, please share it with all your family and friends. Your support will determine whether Food Exit will become an official LEGO set or not. I am sure the LEGO community will enjoy building and playing with this set if my dream becomes true and LEGO produces it. Thank you for taking the time to read this description, but if you have more time kindly check my profile to view my other ideas.

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