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Alfa Romeo P3


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With this project I tried to create a detailed model of the great Alfa Romeo P3, back in 1932 it was history's first single-seat GP racing car. I think that this classic car has a beauty and an iconic design that fits perfectly with an amazing LEGO set.
Despite his heritage, Alfa Romeo doesn't have LEGO sets around, so this I think is another good reason for creating a model.
In the forepart, my model has a bonnet that you can open (it replicates the closure of the real one), so you can watch the 8 cylinders in-line engine. The engine has got working pistons, connected with the rear wheels through an axis and a differential gear, and it's made by two 4-cyl blocks like the original one.
The suspension systems are designed with a geometry similar to the original car, as much as possible, even if I feel there is room for improvement in this area.
On the back, I tried to recreate the unique and iconic design to the tail.

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