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Ninja's Hideout



The warrior apprentice is back from his latest training. Will there be time to rest or will his Sensei think he's ready for his first secret mission?
None of them! His wife is a master of disguise and is chasing him because it's time to come back home and doing the cleaning ups... it's better escape!


Inspired by a documentary on TV I created this little Dojo.
I wanted it to have something secret, so I created a trap-door and a little funny story that involves it.
This temple has a little zen garden in where the master passes time in meditation. There are some bamboo reeds and a peach tree.
Lift up the tea table to reveal the secret trap-door: here you can store potions, precious treasures or use it has way for escape without being seen.
You can light the hideout up by pushing the red pin on the side which activates a light brick on the inside.
The entire roof and the floor come off to give you better access on the inside for play.

The set counts 991 pieces and includes 3 minifigures: Sensei, warrior apprentice and his wife.

Hope you all like it!

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