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Lego Racers Johnny Thunder's Car!

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Hey people of Lego CUUSOO, and welcome to my first of many projects. I remember playing this game when I was young, and I still do sometimes. But sometimes I want to make my own tracks and build my own cars. This is where my lego racers sets come in.

I have thousands of bricks in my collection, and I still can't find the right bricks to build all of the cars. Then I have to resort to websites like bricklink that charge two bucks a piece. With lego racers, you can just buy one set and cut your cost significantly. I did have enough pieces in my collection to build one car, though, and that is Johnny Thunder.

I am trying to make my other ones as quickly as possible, and will try to put your requests in. Please comment and support. Thanks!

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I have now made all my sets into separate projects because of the new rules. I am currently making King Kahuka right now!

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