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Space Police Villains' Revenge!


Space Police Villains’ Revenge


The Villains are out for revenge! They’re threw with the Space Police and their unprofitable rules and are making the fight personal; targeting and attacking the homes of the most important Space Police officials. The Space Punk (Squidtron), The King of the Jawsons (Paranyard), and their Mob Boss leader (Brick Daddy), assemble a group of battle droids in an attempt to end the rule of the Space Police force! Have the villains break into the house through the exploding wall; or sneak them in through the skylight window. Arm the Space Police official with weaponry from his secret gun-closet. Can the Policemen protect the top-secret files on his desktop computer? Or will the Super Villains succeed with their evil plans? Are the Space Police ready for such a well-planned attack on their own living quarters? Or will the hi-tec house even survive the battle? This is the last stand for the Space Police! Only you can build the adventure!

Set Description:

This set is a large, new-style house, furnished with fancy furniture, appliances, and all the works. It includes a Space Police theme with hi-tec. computers, lights, a gun closet, and a Launchpad garage! Built with six rooms, (a living room, kitchen, garage, office, bedroom, and balcony), and accurate details (a dishwasher, fridge, blender, drawers, sink, TV, chairs, fireplace, bed, nightstand and chest of drawers, etc.), this is a perfect house for any Lego Minifigures. It also includes a skylight window and an exploding wall entrance. Built for play, the top floor comes off easily and the whole house opens in half. It also comes with 8 Minifigures: Brick Daddy (The Mob Boss Billionaire), Squidtron (The Squidion Space Punk), Paranyard (King of the Jawson henchmen), a Space Police soldier, a Space Police Service Droid, and three Battle Droid attackers! Being perfectly designed for displaying or playing with, this Lego Set has something for everyone!

The Set Includes:

1) 1 Large House with:

  • A cozy living room, kitchen, garage launch pad, office, outside balcony, bedroom, and inside balcony.
  • A dishwasher, fridge, blender, drawers, computer, bed, chairs, sink, TV, fireplace, mailbox, trash can, chest of drawers, and nightstand.
  • A sliding glass door to the outside balcony.
  • An opening garage and moving launch pad security.
  • A hover bike and charging station.
  • A Secret Gun Closet
  • Masterfully designed exterior.
  • An exploding wall.

2) Tons of special pieces:

  • Different guns, lasers, dynamite, a shield, trident, power tools, computers, furniture, a hover bike, a golden statue, bottles of juice, newspapers, a clock, wanted signs, a fork, a knife, plates, a blender, and more!

3) 8 different Minifigures:

  • Brick Daddy (The Mob Boss billionaire and leader of the villains)
  • Squidtron (The Space Punk known for vandalism and theft) Put him on his squid body or his biogenetic one!
  • Paranyard (King of the Jawson henchmen and their empire of evil)
  • Space Police Official (Head of the Top-Secret Files department)
  • Space Police Service Droid (Helps with mechanics)
  • 3 Battle Droids (Their only job is to destroy what moves)

1,222 pieces and tons of moving parts!

It works great as a fancy house for any Minifigures!


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