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Teen Titans Go Tower


1.    This is a model of the Teen Titan Tower from the popular cartoon series and comics Teen Titan Go. The Titans are 5 superheroes; Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Robin. And the Tower is the icon, or even the 6th character of the series. The Titans built the Tower to function as their home, research center, and main operations headquarters. The Tower is located on an island in Jump City Bay where their story takes place. The Tower consists of 5 bedrooms, an elevator, and a main room that functions as the kitchen, living room and main ops center at the top of the T. 

Each Titan has their own bedroom that reflects their personality or super power. For example, Raven is a demon and makes special potions and brews so her room has a bookshelf for her spell books and ingredients and a cauldron where she makes her special potions.

The front is all “windows” so the Titans can watch over Jump City.

2.    I have been a lego builder since I was a young boy and really enjoy projects that come as kits or designing or figuring out builds. My son and I love the series and I’ve been thinking a lot about how to create this eye catching building without just putting one block on top of another and still make it strong enough for children to play with.   I figured out how to use plates and block to create this large scale piece that is sturdy enough to hold up the top floor and has a really beautiful exterior. The other benefit of the plates is that the user can take off the back and top panels while playing with it.  And when you take the plates off, the bricks with studs that hold the plates in place look really industrial.  It was an engineering challenge that even after figuring it out was still fun to build. 

3.    This would make a great Lego set because:

a.    The scale of the building. It’s beautiful, eye catching and big! 
b.    Teen Titan Go is a very popular series and when customers see that big blue T on the box they’ll know exactly what it is. 
c.    There is no other set like this one that uses the plates along with the bricks in this way.
d.    It’s a fun new challenge for Lego enthusiasts.

e.    The set comes with all five titans, book shelves, beds, tools, the red cauch, and the central control computer coffee table,  and a full kitchen.   

The extra super heroes are over for the  house warming party and no party is complete without the Joker. 

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