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Minichangers series 1


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Minichangers are collectible little homages to the pocket-sized, convertible robots of the eighties. Like Lego's popular series of 3-in-1 construction kits, the Minichangers can be build and then taken apart to be reassembled and combined in an endless number of ways. However, Minichangers have the added ability to transform from vehicles and creatures into fun-sized robot warriors without having to be take apart! If you'd like to build, change and collect your own Minichangers - please support this project and tell all your friends!

Enforcer is a police truck. His tremendous physical might is sometimes hindered by his strict adherence to the rules. The center of his cab detaches to become a electromagnetic-graviton gun.

Skylion is a super-fast fighter jet. His speed more than makes up for his lack of strength and dexterity. His rear jet engines can be flipped up to fire a sonic concusion blast.

Gatorax is a robotic mutant reptile. His super-tough armor is good for defense, but it can really slow him down in a fight. His back-mounted plasma cannon can also mount on his arm to provide fire-power in either mode.

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