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“Iron Hound” Flight and Protective Suit


Built in 2024, the Iron Hound battle suit was one of the top technological advances of the world at the time. Standing 13 feet tall, the suit towers over all people. With a titanium hide, it provides top protection. It is an agile machine, and can move up to speeds up to 85 miles per hour on land. With the help of thrusters located on the ankles, the suit can fly for 10 miles at speeds of a fighter jet. With a roll of the right ankle, the thrusters activate, powered by an ion power cell. To turn them off, the pilot simply rolls the right ankle a second time.

  The Iron Hound has room for one pilot; the torso and legs in the chest, and the head in the helmet. The helmet has enough room or a minifigure to wear hair, or small helmet. The chest compartment can open and close, the arms, legs and joints are omnidirectional, and the helmet and shoulder guards can be moved. The feet are attached by click hinges to improve stability. The fingers on both hands can be moved vertically. The suit is free standing, and can stand up unaided on a flat surface.