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Dutch Houses

A huge set for a tribute to the Dutch capital: Amsterdam!
Two houses in typical Dutch style ready to be built, a slice of daily life in a European capital.

A classic avenue with wrought iron lampposts, on the left a very cool black brick house, the house of an architect, intent on cooking an egg!
On the ground floor there is a typical room with a wooden counter. The owner is personable and will welcome you with a smile.
Outside there are already two female tourists sitting admiring the flowers, one is taking some photos!
On the boulevard there is a handsome Dutch boy who is always in shape (just because of the gym or maybe because he uses his lime-colored bike a lot?).
On the right, an even more typical red brick house.
While the father is caught taking a bath, the child is on the terrace playing with his favorite action figure (let's hope it's spiderman!).

Both houses are furnished and complete! And more.. The set can be opened further by turning the houses by 90°!
The avenue will turn into an even cooler little square!

A huge set of over 2900 PCS including the 7 minifigures:

- Dad in the bathtub;
- the green-haired son with his action figure;
- the architect;
- the two tourists;
- the bartender;
- the Dutch hipster with his bike.
What are you waiting for?
If you can't wait to build it too, like me, then support this project and it could be yours!

Every vote is appreciated.

Thanks for reading

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