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Giant Jellyfish

Welcome in the deep Ocean, where some creatures don't quite stop growing!
This LEGO-idea Set is built with 380 bricks it depicts a giant jellyfish dwelling the deep sea and one very unlucky diver. This particular jellyfish is roughly based on the "lions mane" jelly fish.
It features a seafloor decor complete with sea-weeds, some corals and the occasional star fish.

I've always been fascinated in the deep sea and it's residents, this model gives you a clear insight on
how massive some jelly's can get (diver for scale). LEGO has made quite a few sub-nautical sets ,this could be combined with other lego diving sets while you are playing.
The jellyfish can be removed from the scenery so it can be enjoyed as a single piece or as a complete set, the options are endless! 

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