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Narnia Is Back


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"Things never happen the same way twice", C.S. Lewis. On September 11 2015 I published my first Narnia project. It reached over 900 supporters and it was for me a big achievement. But I think that there is a big potential in this project and  this is the reason why I decided to start again from scratch and to change completely the design of the previous project. But the idea was the same: I decided to change a little bit the mechanism in order to make it easier to play with it.

Please watch before this video about the project:

Now you are able to completely close the door with a "world plate" inside the wardrobe (because you can rotate some elements of the world late (picture 2). So I wanted to make it more clean from outside.

There is a lot of playability in this project and it respect the Lego project rules. Indeed, you can travel through the different movies of the saga (Narnia) with three representatives plates:

- the first one shows you one of the most iconic element of the first movie (the lion, the witch and the wardrobe) the lamp

- the second one shows you the ruins of the palace

- the third one shows you the table with the six swords

I am very happy about the result, I think that the wardrobe is very similar to the real one because I put lot of efforts into it. In fact I tried to represent all the sculpture on the wardrobe and tried not to use too many pieces. In fact I used exactly 376 pieces to create the wardrobe (without the world). The tree other worlds contain approximatively 100 / 150 pieces...

Hope you will like it and support it. You are also welcome to share the link with all your friends.

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