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Micro Attractions


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Rounds of Fun

Being build in micro scale makes these amusement rides small enough to include 2 of them in one set.

The Set includes;

  • 'Classic' micro scale guests (1x1 cone/cilinder with 1x1 round plate as head)
  • Both rides are build on 16x16 plates
  • Ticket booths for both rides

The Ferris Wheel includes;

  • Eight swinging gondolas
  • Mechanisme to rotate the wheel with a crank at the back of the attraction

The Merry-Go-Round includes;

  • A rotating carousel
  • Two rockets, two vehicles, two swans and four horses to ride

Total piece count; 1211, of which 331 are 1x1 round plates/tiles


Better/other Idea?

Like the idea of micro attractions, but think other rides might make a better Idea? Let me know in the comments. I made plenty of these attractions (including rollercoasters) and might submit a few as an alternative Idea. And as I liked building these, I might even build any I haven't done yet.

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