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American Heroes Vignettes

I personally am an adamant believer in the teaching properties of LEGO. From the Mindstorms robot series teaching kids to program, to the Architecture line teaching kids how to design buildings. I think that one of the next things we need is an American Heroes set focusing around a few Americans that have advanced the nation either in the fields of Equality, Science, or Freedom.

I would like the final set to include 6 connectable vignettes, costing around $40-60 dollars. If a set that size is not really possible, I am fine with 3 vignettes.

Thank you for checking out my project and if you like the idea please support it and share it with your friends! -DH123

Here are the first two vignettes, they are the same size, they just look different because of the angle.

1. Uncle Sam
I really didn't know what to do with him, so I put made a little brick room for him to stand in. He is holding an american flag. The white tile on the wall represents the "I want YOU" poster that Uncle Sam is most know for. Also, in the corner, there is a little bucket with a 4th of July firework in it. If LEGO decides to make these, the American flag, the poster and Uncle Sam will have printing.

2. Statue of Liberty
Here she is in the middle on New York Harbor on her little pedestal. The little things in the water are probably the smallest LEGO boats ever created :P I know we have already gotten her in the Collectible Minifigures line, but I couldn't pass her up. If LEGO decides to make these, the Statue of Liberty will have printing.

3. Benjamin Franklin
I was at first thinking of making him with his kite, getting struck by lightning, but the build really didn't work out and it was too small. So instead, I decided to make his printing shop. Here we can see him printing out newspapers for the colony of Pennsylvania. If LEGO decides to make these, Ben Franklin and the newspapers will have printing.

4. ???
While I am not taking suggestions for this one, he will be revealed once this project has 100 supports, so show your friends and family this project!

Project Log:
02/28/2014 - Project created

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