Product Idea

Link Display Figure - Legend of Zelda

Facial expressions


Sure to have the perfect eyes for Link, a new printed part would be best, but official parts might do as well. Not everybody seemed to like the original eyes that were used, so here's Link with a more angry/ menacing look. The mouth was changed as well so now Link really shows his teeth.

Link reached 1000 supporters!


Link wants to thank everybody for their support, following and sharing. Thanks to You he received 1000 supporters for which he is very grateful and considers this already a great victory. You encouraged him, which helps him on his quest to defeat Ganon and rescue the princess.

Perhaps with Your help he can reach the next landmark: 5000 supporters. It seems unlikely but Link is not giving up just yet. However he cannot do it alone and depends greatly on You...

So please share him whenever you can to gain awareness. Let's make Ganon nervous!   

Project background


Hi and a big thanks to all who have voted and commented so far! If you're interested to read more about the development of this model including more pictures, information is available at this website

Please share this project with others so we can reach the next milestone of 1K supporters. Thanks!

More poses of Link


As requested, here are some more shots showing Link in different poses and without the display stand. Sitting, kneeling, or standing are all possible! No matter which pose you prefer they are all highly characteristic.