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Power Miner Mega Build

This is an idea i had when the lego power miner series was available. Unfortunately i didn't know about cuusoo then. :(
This model has posable arms and a rotating head. I may include some building tools later on like a pick axe or a drill which could fit into the hands.

when i get:
25 supporters i will make a posable rock monster
50 supporters i will make mini modular crystal sweeper

Please support and look at some of my other models. :)

please look at the images below and comment on any ways i could improve it.

coming soon :
lego rock monster mega build
lego galaxy squad sub theme- space villains (21/10/13---26/10/13)

i will let you know when

The back of the model showing the bomb symbol. Please comment on any ways i could make a better bomb symbol.

this is some dinamite that would be included with the power miner.

I am proud to support (the best are in capitals):
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And Many More...

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