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King's Castle

Welcome to the King's castle!

The castle opens to both the side and the back allowing you to discover its interior.
On the ground floor we have:
- a blacksmith who works metal and builds new helmets, armor and swords;
- a dairy master instead sells his cheeses;
- a stable where horses can eat and rest;
- a small prison to lock up the bandit, always controlled by a guard.

On the first floor are the king's and queen's quarters: a dining room and their bedroom.

Climbing the stairs again we have the upper part of the castle, that of the towers where a catapult is housed to defend the borders.
The catapult is the castle's secret weapon, capable of hitting a flying dragon at long range.

The set includes 10 minifigures:

The set also includes a horse pulling a cart, two horses in the stable and a black dragon.
The build consists of 3000 pieces and has the following measures:
Width: 43.8cm
Length: 39.2cm
Height: 35.5cm

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Thank you very much!!

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