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Lego Clockwork: Skeleton Timer!


Lego Clockwork presents our newest model: the Skeleton Timer. The original Steampunk Pendulum Timer has been stripped down to a skeleton... and then made into a Skeleton!  Modeled on the skeleton minifig, this model is a new, fully functioning pendulum timer. Use the Skeleton Key to wind up the pull back motor, and let the pendulum swing! It is not every day you have the opportunity to make your own clockwork timer, and with this model, you, too, can have your own motor, escapement, pendulum, and a large scale minifig skeleton to boot!

We have taken model 1 (the Steampunk Pendulum Timer) and stripped it down to a skeleton... and then made it into a skeleton!  

Play: the Skeleton Captain has been looking for a way to defeat the Pirates The brightest minds of his Skeleton Army have finally completed construction on their greatest creation: the Skeleton Timer! If only they can hoist the Skeleton Key up to his back and wind him up, their Skeleton Army will be unstoppable! The adventures of the Skeleton Captain, his Skeleton Crew, and their giant creation the Skeleton Timer are up to you...

Technical: With the advent of some recent Lego Technic parts, it is now possible, for the first time, to make a fully functional spring-driven pendulum clock. This set contains the simplest version of such a clock, with the skeleton's legs and head on the pendulum. Each swing of the pendulum allows the escapement gear to tick along by one spoke. The ticker, of course, is at the heart of the model in the skeleton chest. The pendulum is pushed along by a powerful windup motor; and the escapement prevents the windup motor from all unwinding at once. How long can you get it to keep on ticking?

The Skeleton Timer's head, spine, and legs are delicately balanced, and swing back and forth to the rhythm of his carefully crafted ticker- which, appropriately enough, is located in the middle of his chest.  His chest and arms are suspended on the frame of the model, and those arms can be placed in any position you like, from zombie-arms-forward, to hurray-arms-up, to any position you can imagine!

We have put some videos of the timer ticking along here on Youtube, here...

Please note: Gandalf the cat not included.

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