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0-6-0 Steam Train Set


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How it came together:

During my Hiatus in December 2019, I built a 0-6-0 steam locomotive with a tender. It looked different back then, especially the tender. The tender contained nothing but empty space inside instead of logs, its wheels were spaced out, and the roof of the base of the locomotive didn't have the continuous yellow stripe that the tender does. However, during my three-month Hiatus that started in early January 2020, I polished areas of the steam locomotive that needed to be polished...and I added a passenger car! And now, it is a project on LEGO® Ideas!

Project description:

This project, I estimate, is about 800 pieces. It includes a 0-6-0 steam locomotive, a four-wheeled tender, and a four-wheeled passenger car. The cab of the locomotive contains valves, pressure gauges, a firebox, and two seats for engineers. The locomotive also has removable sections. (This will be explained shortly.) Inside the tender is a pile of logs to fuel the locomotive, and a 4x8 section of it is removable. Lastly, the passenger car has two rows of four seats to accommodate passengers.

The removable elements on the locomotive, as well as the removable 4x8 block of wood in the tender, make way for Powered Up elements. As usual, a Hub, a Motor, and a Remote Control will be needed to power this set.

YouTube video:

On the day I submitted this project, I uploaded a video to go with it. The video not only features some of the images used for this project, but there's also footage that demonstrates the functions this set has. Here's the link to the video:

Suggestions, anyone?:

There are some areas in this project that still need polishing, although it is technically functional. For example, switching out the "dummy" units on the locomotive and tender with the Powered Up elements takes too long and is tricky to do. Not only that, but the section in between the front of the cab and the firebox is very delicate, and may cause the locomotive to break. Please feel free to give your suggestions and criticisms on this project in the comments section above!


Thank you, everyone, for supporting this project! Have a great day, folks, stay safe, and take care. This project was submitted by Joseph cheeseinthepie on April 14th, 2020.

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