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Wrocław Główny Railway Station

A model of the main passenger railway station in my beloved hometown of Wrocław, Poland - Wrocław Główny. Designed in the Tudor Revival style by the royal Prussian architect Wilhelm Grapow, built in 1855-1857 in then German Breslau. After the award-winning renovation in 2010-2012, arguably the most beautiful railway station in Poland. Served by regional trains as well as long-distance domestic and international trains, connected with destinations such as Berlin, Prague, or Vienna.

This is only a fraction of the actual building: missing are the rear and side entrances, the main hall with ticket counters, cafés, and restaurants, and of course the platforms. I decided to keep it simple and show the most recognisable part of the structure, that is the main entrance area with its two distinctive clock towers.

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