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Lego Love

What is it?
My build is a basic lego heart that consists of 3 sections and one mini-figure (ex. Cupid) - 70 Pieces.
It represents love in general, but also our love for the Lego brand.
The Red centre heart is encapsulated by a White, rib-like heart, so that the piece resembles that of the human anatomy.
It is displayed on a Black stand.

Why did I build it?
I built it in February around the Valentines period. I just felt like creating some love.

Why would it make for a great set?
- It is a small build, so it will be cost effective.
- It is unique in the sense that it does not copy any other set.
- It is a great gift idea to buy for someone you like or love.
- It is a collectible and it will make for a great desktop or shelf display piece.

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