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Rock History Museum


Hello this is Treetop2017 and I would like to tell you about my new idea called Rock History Museum, this museum has a total of 538 bricks and pieces. The first part is the green grass for the base of the museum, cement colored base, a sales ticket computer that tells how much the admission is at the rock museum,  a ticket admission brown desk, isle gate in the middle with chain, two enter door frames with doors, two exit doors with doors, recycle bin with cans on top of it, two security scanners with red and orange lights on top of them next to the exit doors, two ticket black sale computers ,  two key boards ,two cupboards with two rows of draws, two ticket admission sale people, two credit readers/gift card, two receipt printers, 3 customers, one has money, cell phone, credit, a customer with ticket, on the right side you have a concession stand with hot dog, hot dog bun, ice cream cone, ice cream, a price computer that tells how much the concession stand food is, a food sales computer, credit reader/gift card key board, receipt printer in front of it you have two different colored condiment tables with mustard, ketchup, mayo, vinegar, next to the concession stand you have three coolers, two of them have drinks on top of them the third has ice cream pops, a concession stand person, in the middle of the museum you have two security guards one of them has a talkie, handcuffs, the other one has talkie, ticket scanner, 

In the middle of the Rock History museum you have two rows of glass cases with different items in them and a red laser on the top, here is what is in the cases, a gold colored bar, a gold nugget,  a yellow hammer, a yellow screwdriver, in the back row, next to it a clear geode with a crystal inside it, you have security cameras, a gun powder barrel, a pick axe, two big rocks one marble, one granite, the first row has three different colored crystals,

On the left side you have a gift shop, with a gift shop price computer, sovenier cups, teddy bears, and three cameras, a gift shop attendant with safari hat, in the hands  you have a can and a sovenier cup, a cupboard with draws,  gift shop sales computer, key board, a receipt printer, gift/credit reader ,scale, green emerald crystal. 

I have also build a museum sign on top of the Rock history museum that says r-m and that stands for Rock history museum.

I know i have built other kind of museums but this one is my best one yet. This idea of mine was fun to build and i had fun imagining what it would look like for other people to enjoy. If you like my idea please make sure to tell your family and friends about. Also feel free to share it and Thanks. Have a Great Day

Your Lego fan and builder Treetop 2017

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