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King Kong - Skyscraper Showdown

I recreated the classic King Kong on the skyscraper scene because it was a great way to combine three of our favorite types of build - vehicles, buildings, and big posable creatures.
Kong himself has fully articulated arms with four movable fingers on each hand. His legs are built more for stability than mobility but still have toes for a little bit of detailing. The head swivels around on a ball joint and you can open and close the mouth or adjust the eyes for different facial expressions. It's a pretty sturdy figure and easy enough to repair - passing the small child playability test is important in our house.
The biplane is a simple build with room for one minifigure in the cockpit. The controls and dashboard are simple to try to give it more of a 1930's look. I used a few technic elements to put together the front engine/propeller portion of the build.
For the building I focused on the spire since that's where all the action happens. The second tier uses tall 1x2 bricks with brackets and grille tiles on the sides. I put 2x1 clips on inverted curved slopes and connected them to 1x1 studs with bars to give the corners an art deco look

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