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Modular Building

Hello, thanks for checking my project! First of all, let me start with this - I created this building all the way back in 2015 when I was just 13 years old. Now I was looking through my computer and found the images and decided to share them.

This building would be a great addition to any LEGO city out there. One thing that stands out about it is how versatile it can be - since all the furniture is easily removable, you can furnish it however you want. Now it's meant to be an antique shop, with living quarters upstairs. You could transform it into a small coffee shop, a bakery or anything else. I designed it in a way that lets you do whatever you want which is what LEGO is all about.

Each floor is removable, like is standard in LEGO buildings. Like I said, all the furniture is also removable. This building features three stories, with stairs connecting all of them.

In the first floor, we have a small antique shop. In the second floor we have a living room/kitchen and finally the third floor has a bathroom and the bedroom.

I hope you like my project! :))

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