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Just Another Day in the Office


Just another day in the office

In the lobby a business man is waiting for his appointment to arrive, while the other is already reporting to the desk. Outside another business man is taking a well-deserved break in the office garden while the salesman on the second floor is going mad because of the sales results presented on the large screen.

Welcome to the business office of today’s time. This set is all about the atmosphere of an office in this decade.

How is it set up?

There are three floors. Each floor can be taken off, like the modular style

  • The office has two small green areas with a bench for the lunchtime break
  •  The building is accessible via steps and via a slope for wheelchairs
  • Surveillance camera’s are monitoring the entrance for suspicious behaviour
  •  There is a guy cleaning the windows on the second floor

First floor; the lobby
  • The lobby has a reception desk for registering external visits. The desk a two computers and is operated today by one clerk. For emergencies there is a walkie-talkie next to the desk.
  • At the left, external visits can enjoy reading the newspaper and a coffee, sitting on a comfortable couch while waiting for their appointments to arrive.


Second floor; sales and marketing department
  • It is all about sales and profit on this floor. There is a huge whiteboard which shows the sales figures. The salesman is anxious shouting while standing on his chair. He is about to get mad about the bad results of the last quarter.
  • On the left a flip-over is placed to support creativity, the marketeer is ready to get his ideas visualized.
  • In the centre the desks and chairs are placed in an open structure, which is very common nowadays.
  • To make the floor complete, I have added a printer, a storage cabinet and a coffee corner.


Third floor; board room and terrace
  • Here is the board room situated, the female CEO is already in the room preparing the presentation. The first unhappy employee is stepping in for a tough conversation on the quarterly sales figures
  • If the employees want relax and grab some fresh air, there is an terrace where they also can enjoy the nice view.


Why will this be a great set?

 A set in which a complete office scene is recreated, does not exist as such. There is e.g. a bank or a shop, but not really an office with all the elements in it.

 With this set there is a lot of opportunities to create storylines, kids can project their parents experiences also with this set.

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