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Lighthouse Point


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Hey, everyone! Here I introduce my new project - Lighthouse Point. Lighthouse Point has many details that are fun to build. Some can provide a challenge, though, such as the shape of the lighthouse. Since I used hinges, instead of the square shape, the octagonal shape was somewhat difficult to achieve, as it slipped out of shape frequently.

The fun details are the waterfall, the rocky coastline, and the cave, as well as the boards on the sides of the lighthouse. As you can see in one of the pictures, I have put a Power Functions light inside, and hid the battery box in the house portion. One panel of the wall is left out for ease of access for turning on the light. The waterfall was built using the waterfall piece from the Lone Ranger "Silver Mine Shootout" set.

Side notes:

- There will be two or three minifigures: the lighthouse keeper, a lighthouse keeper in training, and possibly one more. I will post the extra minifigures in an update.

- The actual set (if made) would include a removable wall panel to cover up the hole.

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