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Lovely Trees


In need of nature to make your Lego world more lively?

Most Lego sets do not contain trees and the ones that do are very small, being only a little taller than a minifigure.  With these trees your buildings won't seem like they stick out as the tall trees will make them blend in more.  They will also provide more color to your outside landscape.  The best part is that the trees are able to be located in the city, park, forest, or other themes.

The base plate of the trees are located in a boxed off area surrounded by park benches.  This base would help the trees fit into a city scene, but it can be removed so that the tree can be placed in other areas.  The branches also provide plenty of room for birds, beehives, vines, or nests to be placed.

What I am proposing is a set of tree that can be changed sort of like a creator set or a series of sets which are all different types of trees.  Each set can come with its own minifigures probably based off of the early 1900's to fit in with the modular buildings.  

Please help support and share so that we can have a greater selection of large trees to enhance the scenery in our Lego worlds.  Thank you and happy building!

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