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Cableway for any adventure


A typical cableway of a ski resort.

I had already built a prototype (at least) 20 years ago to organize excursions of my "minions" from my balcony on the ground floor of my house.

The appearance is that of a ski cableway, but it can be used in 1000 other ways, especially if you have a friend or neighbor and he is not too far away from your window  :)

For now, the movement must be done manually, but I'm also realizing the two stations at the ends of the ropes with a motor for the automatic movement.

"Technical" Features:
- Capacity of at least 20 mini-figures (+ "seats" on the roof)
- Ropes for movement
- The safety rope (to prevent the destruction of the cableway to the ground) - personal experience
- Special structure, designed so that not only the roof remains attached to the rope and everything else falls to the ground - personal experience :)
- It can be fixed almost anywhere (and I'm creating the 2 stations that they can be fixed anywhere)

- A magnet on the bottom of the cableway and small pieces of iron on mini-figures for the recovery of "missing"  :D


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