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Pocket Traps: The Mansion


This is my 'Pocket Traps' ultimate build, the first of my new Pocket Traps series, which consists of 19 sections, all with mostly different traps(originality becomes hard when 16 different traps that need to work within a 6 >< 8 space). The model would have four minifigures, two male, two female, all with respective scared faces. The mansion build is very simple as most sections don't exceed 100 pieces, however the aesthetics of the outside are hindered by the presence of the sliding bookcase and the turntable. The mansion itself is set above water like Venice, but this could be easily changed by swapping all the transparent light blue plates with dark grey plates instead, making the 'lake' into a dungeon, I just thought a lake would make a change.

I think this would be a great set to have as it is full of classic traps, with some traps completely new and never done by LEGO before, and is completely customisable, the main model is the best configuration in my view but can be reorganised into a corridor, for example.

The sections include (in size order):

1   16><16 section (the main entrance)

1   12><8 section (a turn table, which requires twice the normal size but is used the same as a normal section) 

3   8><8 floor trap sections

3   8><8 plain floor sections

7   8><6 outer/main trap sections

4   6><6 corner trap sections

There would also be 8 stands to keep the 'short' sections at the same level, two sets of the stands shown, there could be three more stands but the plain floor sections don't need any support as they would normally be surrounded. 

The traps* include: (all functions shown in the images above)

Main pieces:

Shooting darts.

Dropping swords.

Floor opening revealing steps to the lower level.

Stairs that turn into a slope.

Rising spikes.

Sliding bookcase.

Swinging hammer.

Trap door.


Corner pieces:

Falling bell.


Crashing walls.

Dropping floor.

Floor pieces:

Falling floor section.

Folding floor section.

Lifting floor.

*any single function for each section, not exclusively something like a trapdoor or sliding bookcase, this allows for 'rigged accidents' like a falling bell.

Thank you for viewing my idea and even more thanks if you supported my model as well, hope you liked the model.

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