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Ice Planet 2002 Redux: ICE SAT IX


Ice Planet 2002

The ice planet Krysto, with its vast network of frozen tunnels and caves, is the capital of a remote part of the universe known as Ice Planet 2002. It is from this snow-covered planet that rocket technicians are conducting top-secret research. Their findings are coveted by the Blacktron forces and even renegades within the Space Police.”

As a child, one of my most fond memories was discovering that Lego was about to release their latest space theme in the 1993 LEGO catalogue. With its neon orange, blue, and white colour scheme, its new planet location, ski’s, visors, rockets, and its Minifigure with identity (Commander Cold with his big moustache, the first female Space figure, and a cool dude that looked like he just came from the ski slopes.) the Ice Planet 2002 theme stood out from its predecessors in so many ways and inspired many new MOC’s in the years that followed.

After rediscovering some of my old sets and rebuilding them with my 5-year-old son, I felt inspired to redesign the old classic series to fit in with today's modern expectations but still keep the classic look and playability of the classic sets. Envisioning it as more of a sequel than a reboot.

With 2023 approaching, The idea I am proposing is to release a 30th Anniversary edition of one of the most memorable Lego Space themes, in my opinion, Ice Planet 2002.

To launch this campaign. I like to introduce you to my reimagined version of my first Ice Planet set as a kid, the Ice Planet 2002: ICE SAT V

The Ice Sat IX was designed to have a more rugged look similar to a rocket carrying Medium Tactical Vehicle but still align its design with that set by the Deep Freeze Defender II, opting to replace the hexagon, square shapes with more rounded curved shapes. To prevent the crew from getting frostbite the driver compartment has been closed off and with the increase in scale it now has room for two seats and a mini control compartment. With added defence weapons to help them fend of those pesky Blacktron forces and Renegades within the Space Police.

The Rocket

With the Ice Planet theme based on rocket technicians and their top-secret research, the focus point of the design is still around the new rocket first. I wanted the new rocket to look like it has evolved from the technology of the classic Ice Planet rockets but still, retain the look and feel of the classic design. Basically, it is scaled up with more thrust to enter Orbit.  With the final version of the rocket being established, the vehicle design was scaled up to ensure that the Rocket could be housed on top of it as with the original Classic.

Storage Compartments

Additional storage compartments have been added to the back of the driver compartment and the bottom back end of the Ice Sat IV to store their research equipment, helmets, hairpieces and the occasional Blacktron scout stowaway.

The Minifigures
I did a slight update to the design of the Classic Ice Planet Minifigures. They got updated faces with actual hairpieces to fit in with the modern Lego Minifig facial designs. New thermal space armour to protect Dr Kelvin and her crewmate against the harsh sub-zero temperatures of Planet Krysto. Actual sabre handles for their chainsaws. As a special addition, I included an updated version of one of the Ice Planeteers original antagonists, a Blacktron II  Sub-zero scout with updated gear such as thermo-armour, thermo-visor (technology assimilated from the Ice Planeteers), Snowshoes, Snowboard and a Thermo spear.

Size, parts and measurement:
Part count: 646


Studs:  L 54.9 x W 24.9 x H 24.4
cm:  L 17.3 x W 7.8 x H 7.7
Inch:  L 43.9 x W 19.9 x H 19.5

Why we should revisit Ice Planet 2002:

Ice planet had a unique charm to it, it was a good shift from the classic space themes that preceded it. It had a lot of first for its time, first female astronaut, first space minifigs with unique identifiable facial features, even the Neon Orange pieces (despite the mix feeling amongst Lego fans) was a first and just worked for the theme. I also believe it to be the last of the memorable Classic Space themes. It set a new standard that space themes that followed, in my opinion, could not quite live up to.

After over two decades, Ice Planet 2002 still live close in our memories, you just need to do a web search to see the thousands of fan-made MOC’s, illustrated art, blogs and YouTube reviews to appreciate the impact it had on the imaginations of a generation of fans. And judging by the actions of my 5-year-old replacing all his Lego sets from “a galaxy far far away” with my old classic Ice Planet 2002 sets, it still has the ability to capture the imagination of generations to come.

Shout out to all the Fans:
To all the old and new fans of the Classic Space themes. Your opinion on this project will be appreciated. We have an opportunity to get Classic Space themes back on the shelves, but that will only happen with your collective support and sharing of projects like this one. Please Support, follow and share and together we can make it a reality.

Thank you in advance.

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