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Tamiya Wild Willy


Tamiya introduced the Wild Willy RC car in 1982. It was revised in 1985 with production finishing in the late 80's. Fans of the little car persisted and in 2000 Wild Willy 2 was released with a new chassis design, it is still in production today

The LEGO car has all of the features of the original Tamiya model, short wheelbase, oversize wheels and tyres, Jeep body with Roll cage, Spot lights, fire extinguisher, nitrous oxide bottle, winch, bumper, fuel can, spare wheel and wheelie bar. It is made from 430 LEGO pieces.

The car is scaled for the retired Technic figure, if you have one you could use it with this model.

I hope you like the idea of a LEGO Tamiya Classic RC car, perhaps this could be the start of a range of Tamiya classics, 'The Lunchbox' and 'Midnight Pumpkin'.

To be in with a chance it needs as much support as possible so if you like it please share this project with your friends.

Thanks for looking.

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