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Amazon Prime Truck


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In the LEGO world, minifigures are busy doing so many things - going to work, eating, playing outside, and such much more.  What do they do when they can't find the time to shop?  They order online from Amazon, of course.  Here is the Amazon Prime Truck ready to deliver their latest orders right to their door.

I designed this set to celebrate all of the hard working people behind the scenes - like delivery drivers -  who bring us goodies day after day.  This Prime Truck would make a great addition to any LEGO city.  If LEGO cities are like real life, then anytime a minifigure gets a message saying "out for delivery," they eagerly stare out their window waiting for the truck to arrive.  (Plus, LEGO has not released any sets based on the Amazon brand yet - so this would be something new.)

This truck contains 210 pieces and one driver minifigure sporting his Amazon uniform.  The truck is in the 8-stud wide family of vehicles.  It is 3.8" wide, 6.6" long, 2.8" high, and weighs 6.8 ounces.  Both doors to the cabin open revealing space for both a driver and a passenger if desired.  There is an easy to remove tile on the top of the truck for access into the cabin.  The doors on the side and back of the truck also open to reveal plenty of storage for boxes to be delivered.  The set also includes two Amazon boxes ready for delivery.

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