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Flatox_Merry X'mas

Christmas is coming...It's snowing outside!

LEGO modular buildings is one of my favorite collections, and this time it will continue to expand my container house community...

You can buy a lot of great modular building sets in the store, and you can also find all kinds of creative street scene creations in the ideas section. You'll find that the pieces are so perfect that you can't quite alter the original construction to transform it. Yes, each brick is in its place, unless you completely overturn the original premise and turn the bricks into raw materials and reuse them.

That's why I started exploring modular streetscapes: I tried to build different functional rooms using basic container shapes, whether they were pet stores, apartments, laundries, and cafes.

You can arrange and combine these rooms and interiors to create your own store/residence and neighborhood, and in the process, containers of different sizes are like enlarged LEGO base pieces. The more containers you collect, the more free permutations and combinations, and you can build your own personalized container house community city!

Container hoarding can also be pulled apart to show the interior of the room, unlike the modular buildings series, which requires the removal of floors, so that you can show and play with your building while keeping it intact.

Flatox is the second build in this mode, and is used to celebrate the coming Christmas, where these modular rooms and connected spiral staircases will work together to build a Christmas tree full of gift boxes. Of course, it's actually a flat with a laundry room and café downstairs, and a public restroom.

I wanted to create a streetscape that could be changed at will, and the classic modular buildings were perfect, but it could only fit into a collection case. To put it another way, you can plan your own building in a container house community and rediscover the joy of creating.

The size of the base plate is 32x32 studs, there are 10 minifigures, and the number of parts is 2580.

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