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Buzz Lightyear


Toy Story 4 comes out in 2019 - why not enjoy the movie while holding your very own, detailed and highly poseable LEGO Buzz Lightyear!

This detailed version of Buzz has articulated ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and neck. The visor of the helmet slides up and down. All of the ten fingers can be moved individually. To top it all off, the rotating waist ensures that our Space Ranger can be displayed in countless impressive stances. Strike a heroic pose, dance a fiery paso doble, or sit down for a breath when the other toys aren’t watching.

I used plenty of curved bricks throughout the set for an overall rounded appearance. All of the buttons on Buzz’s chest are brick built. LEGO corrugated pipe is used for the black waist area. The backside has been given the same attention to detail, down to the film-accurate rocket thrusters of the backpack. The arm laser and the various prints and logos on Buzz’s space suit can be realised through printed pieces or stickers in final production set.

Buzz stands 37 cm (14.6") tall from head to toe, and he is 26 cm (10.2") from shoulder to shoulder.

If you like Buzz’s looks and features, please give him your support and help make him an official LEGO Ideas set!

To infinity – with bricks!

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