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Hot Rod School Bus

The trip to school just got a whole lot cooler, introducing the Hot Rod School Bus!

The bus is 10 studs wide and 38 studs long, consists of 664 pieces.
In this configuration, it fits the driver, 7 sitting passengers and one passenger in a wheelchair, although it can easily be modified to fit more figures.
It features a working door on the side, a door that doubles up as a ramp on the rear for the wheelchair, a removable roof, a working stop arm and of course, a massive engine.

You might be asking: "The driver can barely see past the engine, isn't that unsafe?"
Don't worry, the kids are safe, however anyone in front of the bus might not be, because no one will stand in the way of EDUCATION!

I built this because I found out hot rod school buses existed, so I decided I had to build one of my own.
This was an extremely fun build to make, it serves a purpose and is also silly and fun at the same time, and I think it would be a great toy and display model for kids, adults and gear heads alike.

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