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Rock Raiders: Salvaged Rocketship


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This is the next generation of LEGO's 1999 Rock Raiders! Far away, in a parallel universe, the Space Miner has been exploring the mysterious caverns of Planet U. The Space Miner was commissioned by the Rock Raiders leader "Chief" to scout out the planet in hopes of establishing a permanent energy crystal mine in the near future. While carrying out his mission, a previously unknown species of Rock Monsters emerged from deep caverns and sabotaged his commanding starship. Unfortunately, the rock monsters ate-up the ship's energy crystal power core, so the Space Miner is forced do a bit of salvaging (and mining) before he can attempt an escape. But he needs help. Will the (now anxious and highly concerned) Rock Raiders team brave a rescue mission to the very planet they escaped from over 20 years ago? You decide!

The Salvaged Starship is designed for easy customization and features three mining attachments: a power drill, a rock saw, and a jackhammer. And don't forget... you can make your own creative attachment! What would you create? (Feel free to mention in the comments)

The Space Miner was originally a Limited Edition Minifigure from 2014 (series 12). In his official LEGO bio, it is mentioned that he mined Planet U (from Rock Raiders) and visited Planet Krysto (from Ice Planet). He was released the year of Rock Raider's 15th anniversary (an intentional anniversary remake perhaps?), so I thought he would be a great minifigure to include in this project.

Rock Raiders was a LEGO theme focused on mining equipment that released in 1999 and 2000. The premise of the theme involves the crew of the space ship LMS Explorer. The vessel is damaged and drained of power after wandering into an asteroid field, and is pulled into a wormhole that flings it into a distant galaxy. The Rock Raiders scan the nearest planet and find that it is abundant with energy crystals. The Rock Raiders, while repairing the ship, must venture down inside the dangerous caverns in the planet to mine the precious energy crystals to power the ship.

Why did I build this? I originally built this project to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Rock Raiders while trying to imagine how the adventure would continue. When I learned about the Space Miner minifigure (while browsing Bricklink), my continuation of the story really took off from there. I love building salvaged-styled machines, so this was a really fun project for me. I strongly believe this would make a great set due to it's cool style, easy customizing abilities, as well as play and display. Plus we are just passing Rock Raiders 20th anniversary! What could be better timing for old fans (along with the next generation) to build and re-imagine this classic Space/Mining/Survival theme?

If you're still reading... thank you for checking out this project! Please support and (you know what's coming next)... share this project anywhere and everywhere! As always, I appreciate your feedback and am happy to answer any questions. Think something is missing or needs to be improved? Feel free to mention that in the comments as well!

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